Every country has them; the UK has pound shops, the USA has dollar stores, and Japan has 100 yen retailers.

If you don’t shop in discount shops regularly, you may not be familiar with what they sell. The short answer is: everything. They may not be brands you’re familiar with, and you may have to hunt around, but if you’re willing to try them, you can find some real bargains.

But what has this got to do with your holiday? Just check out some of the travel-related items available for purchase!
·   Buy cheap toiletries that you can pack, use and then leave behind at your destination
·   Save money on sunscreens, which are ludicrously expensive in other High Street retailers
·   Stock up on snacks and sweets for your journey
·   Find their travel section – particularly if you are travelling in the summer – and get your fill of inflatable pillows, miniature fans, headphones, mosquito repellent and money belts
·   Pick up a selection of activities to keep the kids amused; felt tip pens, colouring books, paper and assorted toys can make a long journey fly by

The whole point of shopping a discount shops before your trip is to save you money before your leave, so you have more to spend while you’re there. And what you do take was inexpensive, so you won’t feel bad about leaving that umbrella or bottle of shampoo behind.

To demonstrate just how much you can save by doing your holiday shopping at discount stores, we’ve put together a comparison of the prices of the most-bought travel items, and the difference in price if bought at Poundland and Boots or Tesco.

(Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored blog post. I have not been asked to write this post, nor am I receiving any compensation, monetary or otherwise, in exchange for writing this. My aim is to simply demonstrate a way of saving money. Also be aware that not all items shown are available in every store, and prices are subject to change. All prices shown are correct as of April 2013.)

We'll begin with an assortment of travel goods from Boots and Tesco.
1) Junior Puzzle Book - £3.79; 2) Crayola Markers - £3.75; 3) SPF30 Sunscreen, 75ml - £5.49; 4) Bite and Sting Relief Pen -  £3.69; 5) Flight Socks - £13.49; 6) Travel Sewing Kit - £3.50; 7) Travel Pillow - £5.99; 8) Travel Waist Bag - £8.99; 9) Hand Held Fan - £1.12; 10) Travel Torch - £7.49; 11) Travel Adaptor - £3.49 each; 12) Travel Organiser - £9.99; 13) Luggage Strap - £4.49; 14) Travel Bottle Set - £5.00; 15) Travel Ear Plugs - £3.49
If you bought just one of each of these items for your holiday, it would set you back £83.76. Isn't it amazing how it can all add up?! Now, let's take a look at how much similar items cost at Poundland.
1) Travel Adaptor (set of two) - £1; 2) Travel Sewing Kit - £1; 3) Travel Bottle Kit - £1; 4) Junior Puzzle Pad - £1; 5) Hand Held Fan - £1; 6) Flight Socks - £1; 7) Luggage Strap - £1; 8) Jumbo Markers - £1; 9) Inflatable Neck Pillow - £1; 10) SPF30 Sunscreen 75ml - £1; 11) Travel Waist Pack - £1; 12) Travel Organiser Wallet - £1; 13) Mini Torch - £1; 14) Flight Kit (including socks, eye mask and ear plugs) - £1; 15) Insect Repellent Pen - £1
As you probably guessed, buying one of each of these fifteen products from Poundland will set you back £15.00. That's an overall saving of £68.76 - the equivalent of sixty ice creams in Tenerife, tickets to the Empire State Building for a family of four, or five visits to Kew Gardens.

As you can see, no matter what your destination, budget or style, shopping at a discount store for your holiday necessities makes real sense!

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