Welcome to HSL Travel's brand new website, and our very first blog post!

We hope to provide you with first-class travel advice, tips, how-tos and news on our blog; if you have any questions or requests for posts, please leave a comment, email us or Tweet us, and we'll see what we can do!

In the meantime, we would like to talk a bit more about what it is exactly that we offer. HSL Travel provides trip planning services, which includes an overview of your chosen destination, a comprehensive selection of events and activities that you can take part in while away (based on your requirements, interests and the ages of travellers in your group), and itinerary planning. Every travel package includes assistance with booking excursions, activities and any other tickets, and comes complete with links to any relevant websites we think you might find useful. We then send you this information in PDF format; once you save this document to your personal computer, tablet or Smartphone, you can access it anytime, anywhere - even while you are on holiday! You can print out your tailor-made document if you prefer a hard copy, or for a small fee, we can send it to you in the post.

If you have yet to settle on a destination for your next holiday, we can be of help with that too; just let us know of any areas you would like to visit, any hotel requirements and any other needs, and we can help you find the right trip at the right price.

Don't just take our word for it, though; read through our testimonials, or check out a sample of our work using the tabs at the top of this page. We hope to hear from you soon!


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